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60mm Atlas Fiddle

60mm Atlas Fiddle

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The Atlas Fiddle block features our beautifully machined and finished sailing block.   These blocks use an aluminum alloy body with an aluminum alloy sheave.   The main radial bearing is a low-friction and high load polymer bearing and the axial bearings are high load PAI Torlon.  The product is designed to run free on axial loads and provide low friction sheeting and trimming under any load.   These blocks come complete with a rigging loop and dogbone, velcro loop strap and line straps.  

  • SWL : 1000 KG, 2000 lbs
  • Aluminum cheeks and radial axle, aluminum sheave, dyneema connection
  • Suitable for main sheeting, spinnaker sheeting, mast base halyard or any control lines where you want a smooth and silent block
  • For 20' - 36' yachts  /  6 - 11 meter yachts
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