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74mm VG Fiddle Beckett Block

74mm VG Fiddle Beckett Block

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The G2 VG block.  Our take on the traditional shackle post block.  This product has beautifully machined cheeks and sheave.  The main running bearing is high temp advanced polymer with space grade PAI Torlon axial bearings for the side loads.  The sheave runs free, gliding on the axial bearings under low load and applies the radial bearing for high load, slow sheeting movements so you get the best performance under both conditions.  

  • SWL : 1200 KG, 2400 lbs
  • Aluminum cheeks, aluminum sheave, stainless axle and shackle
  • Suitable for vang systems, main sheeting, backstay, checkstay rigging or anywhere you need a purchase system to gain more power
  • For 35' - 45' yachts  /  10 - 15 meter yachts


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